about go freelance

About GoFreelance

The demand for freelance talent in the UAE has increased with companies turning to freelancers in order to fill skills gaps in the market and to scale up their businesses. In addition, working professionals are also considering freelance career opportunities in order to enjoy more independence and flexibility while being able to also maintain a work life balance.

TECOM Group strongly believes in freelance talent and its ability to transform our economy by infusing diverse skills into the community. To this end, GoFreelance was introduced offering Dubai’s easiest freelance package with Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Knowledge Park to support professionals towards an independent future.

As part of its value added services GoFreelance also provides access to Marketplace, an online platform that allows freelancers to bid on a variety of projects available to them.

Join our GoFreelance community in just 3 easy steps

1 – Apply online

2 –Visit our business centres and complete the registration process

3 – Receive your permit and get automatically registered onto Marketplace!

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